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The TerraGator TG7300 sprayer features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), a powerful, efficient and clean AGCO Power diesel engine with e3 technology, and the industry’s only operator’s cab designed especially for application equipment.

AGCO’s CVT is recognized as one of the best and most reliable transmissions in the industry, having been used in more than 150,000 off-road agricultural vehicles since its beginning in 1996. The CVT can efficiently provide infinite speeds - from zero to 4 mph – at virtually any engine rpm. With the CVT you can choose an exact ground speed, engine speed or a combination of both to ensure firm, continuous traction to minimize wheel slip and ground disturbance. Driving modes can be controlled with the foot pedal, joystick or power shuttle lever. The power shuttle lever provides you with seamless forward and reverse shuttling as well as an active standstill (de-clutch) more. Plus, you can change speed in either direction by simply pushing the lever forward or backward.

The TG7300’s AGCO Power diesel engine with e3 technology provides a rated horsepower of 330 and is able to produce peak horsepower at 361. It is a 6-cylinder, 8.4 liter engine that matches perfectly to the CVT. Each engine is hand-assembled, starting with a cast-iron block for exceptional structural strength. The e3 technology gives you the most farmer-friendly approach in meeting EPA Standard. This version of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process treats the downstream exhaust with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) , breaking it down into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. This post-combustion, after treatment process takes place in the exhaust system so that it never interferes with engine performance. This different and simple technology is designed to provide you with uncompromised horsepower and torque, significantly improved fuel economy, cooler running and longer engine life.

The AGCO Power engine also incorporates the Electronic Engine Management 4 (EEM4) system. This advanced fuel injection system ensures accurate and precise timing of fuel flow to the injectors for incredibly efficient use of resources.

The operator’s 6-post design application cab offers exception visibility. A separate pressurization unit maintains positive cab pressure and ensures a comfortable working environment, while a three-stage filtration process with both internal and external filters and active carbon cleaning keeps the air inside virtually dust and odor free. Inside the TG7300, you can also find the floating right-hand armrest, which holds all functions needed for field operations. This armrest moves with the seat so the operator never has to search for the proper control.

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AGCO Power
8.4 CTA EPA Tier4i
Number of Cylinders
330 @ 2100 rpm
Peak Horsepower
361 @ 1950 rpm
1121 ft-lbs @ 1500 rpm


AGCO ML-260 Continuously Variable Transmission
Forward Speed (high/low)
41 mph/23 mph
Reverse Speed (high/low)
21 mph/20 mph


3.75 in. diameter freewheeling, cold-rolled solid steel
Axle Tech PRC-673 wide track 42,000 lb rating with floatation tires


Rigid Rear Axle to Frame Mount


Dynamic Load Sense


Goodyear Radial 1000/50R25
Michelin Radial 1000/50R25 or Firestone DT 66 x 43 - 25

Fluid Capacities

165 gal
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
15 gal
Engine Coolant
8 gal
Engine Oil
6 gal
Transmission Oil
14 gal
Hydraulic Reservoir
12 gal

Application Cab

Glass Area/Floor Area
58 sq. ft. / 14 sq. ft.
Cab Suspension
Air-ride Cab
AM/FM/ Stereo/CD-MP3-compatible/Weather band
Automatic temperature control/ 3-level activated carbon
Steering Wheel
14 in diameter
Standard Seat
Semi-active seat suspension with heated seat cushions
Optional Seat
Leather semi-active or air ride seat

Air System

120 psi
14.1 cfm


Rated Capacity Front
14,000 lbs
Rated Capacity Rear
42,000 lbs
Approximate Front Weight
9338 lbs
Approximate Rear Weight
10,758 lbs


Systems Available
1800 gal. Liquid (TerraGator Boom or Benson Boom II), New Leader L4000G4 Spinner, AirMax Precision, Air Spreader
Controllers Available
Falcon VT, Raven 5000, Raven Viper Pro

Dry System Delivery Capacities

AirMax Precision
Single Bin - 310 cu. ft.
AirMax Precision 2
Adjustable, split bin - 300 cu. ft.
Air Spreader
Single bin, multiple products - 315 cu. ft.
Soilection Twin Bin
Two bins - 290 cu. ft.
New Leader L4000G4
Single bin, optional inserts – up to 331 cu. ft.