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963K WH Waste Handler Track Loader
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From loading to sorting to excavation and spreading cover material, the track loader is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your landfill or transfer station. The Waste Handling Arrangement features added guarding and seals to gives you a machine that is purpose built to take on the challenges of waste applications. A choice of buckets and track shoes allow you to further optimize the machine for greater performance and service life. The new 963K offers added fuel efficiency over the previous model, as well as greater comfort and improved implement and steering response. The 963K meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 emission standards.

Standard Equipment


Engine Model
Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
Flywheel Power
221 hp


Capacity - General Purpose Landfill
4.05 yd3
Capacity - General Purpose
3.2 yd3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose Landfill
4.05 yd3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose
2.48 yd3
Capacity - Refuse
3.66 yd3
Width - General Purpose Landfill
102.8 in
Width - General Purpose
102.8 in
Width - Multi-Purpose
106.8 in


Track Shoe Width - Standard
21.6 in
Track Shoe Width - Optional
17.7 in
Track Gauge
72.8 in
Track on Ground
100 in
Ground Contact Area - Standard Shoe
4340 in2
Ground Contact Area - Optional Shoe
3565 in2
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe
10.3 psi
Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe
12.4 psi
Track Shoe Type
Double Grouser

Ripper Specifications

Number of Pockets
Overall Width/Beam
76.7 in
11.6 in
Ripping Width
72.3 in

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank
84.5 gal
Cooling System
8.45 gal
Crankcase (with Filter)
4.4 gal
Final Drives (each)
4 gal
Hydraulic Tank
23.7 gal


Operating Weight
46518 lb
963K Waste Handler Features

963K Waste Handler Features

Purpose-built for performance

(1) Final drive seal guards feature a metallic outside ring welded to the final drive to help protect seals from damage due to wrapping of wire or plastic.

(2) Idler guards protect and limit the entry of debris to the tensioning system. Includes scrapers mounted around idler.

(3) Idler with seal protection has steel rings integrated into the idler design. Helps keep wire, strapping, etc. from damaging the Duo-Cone™ seals.

(4) Engine compartment seals limit debris entry and plugging of radiator core. Gaps sealed between sheet metal and other components for added protection.

(5) Windshield screen helps protect windshield and operator from breakage and debris.

(6) Guarding helps protect lift lines coming out of the chassis and lift cylinder hydraulic tube.

(7) Tilt cylinder guard helps protect rod surface from damage by falling debris.

(8) Guarding helps protect bucket hydraulic lines from damage.

963K Waste Handler Features

963K Waste Handler Features

Purpose-built for performance

(9) Turbine precleaner reduces particles coming into the engine air inlet for extended engine filter life.

(10) Hydraulic reversible fan purges debris from the radiator and engine compartment air inlets by reversing the airflow. Limits radiator plugging, increases maintenance interval.

(11) Radiator fan folds out for easier cleaning/maintenance access to fan and radiator. Angled louvers direct air upward away from the ground.

(12) Heavy duty rear bumper offers optimal protection to the back of the machine – especially the cooling system. Includes a heavy duty grill with latch for quick opening, as well as a hitch.

(13) Optional rear vision camera/display helps improve visibility behind the machine.

(14) Rear striker bars help keep trash from damaging the fenders. Highly recommended in waste application to help extend sheet metal life.

(15) Center-hole track is recommended for waste applications. The design allows sprocket to push out debris, helping to reduce packing within the track links. Helps limit wear on track components and extend undercarriage life.

  • Double Grouser Shoes provide good balance of traction and a smooth ride. Recommended over single grouser for reduced damage when working on concrete.
  • Single Grouser Track is aggressive for good chopping action. Offers the best traction in poor underfoot conditions.

(16) The landfill bucket is equipped with heavy-duty trash rack to increase bucket capacity, reduce spillage, and help protect tilt cylinder rod. General purpose and multi-purpose bucket options are also available.

(17) Eight lights – four at top front corner of windshield, four on air conditioning compressor guard – illuminate work area in low light conditions.