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CW16 Pneumatic Roller
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The Cat® CW16 is a standard nine wheel pneumatic roller with an option to increase to 11 wheels. It offers an operating weight range of 5200 kg to 15 000 kg (11,484 lb - 33,069 lb) for excellent versatility and performance. Equipped with an efficient Cat C3.4B engine, this machine delivers smooth, reliable performance on grades and soft base materials.



Operating Weight – Max Ballast
33069 lb
Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty
11464 lb
Operating Weight - Max Water Ballast
11685 lb
Operating Weight - Max Wet Sand Ballast
32849 lb
Average Weight per Wheel
1280 lb
Operating Weight without ballast (Heavy Weight option)
3682 lb
Operating Weight with maximum ballast (Heavy Weight option)
2976 lb
Operating Weight per wheel (Heavy Weight option)
1058 lb


Overall Length
14.1 in
Height at Steering Wheel
91.0 in
Height at ROPS
9.8 in

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
38 gal
Water (Spray) Tank Capacity
92 gal

Operating Specifications

Compaction Width
68.0 in
Rolling Width
83 in
Turning Radius - outside
255 in
Ground Clearance
10.5 in
Number of Wheels
Travel Speed – Maximum
12.0 mph
Turning Radius – Inside
148 ft


Gross Power
100.5 hp
69 in
Engine Model
Versatile Compaction Performance

Versatile Compaction Performance

Versatile compaction performance is due to the flexible ballast system that includes steel, sand, and water. These combinations make it easy to adjust operating weights and match job site requirements. Oscillating front wheels seek out soft spots for compaction on uneven terrain.

Compaction Width

Nine rubber tires provide an overall compaction width of 1754 mm (69") with 36 mm (1.4") overlap. The 11-wheel option delivers a compaction width of 2132 mm (84"). Bias or radial tire selections ar available.

Flexible Ballast

Ballast options deliver a load per wheel range of 0.58 to 1.67 metric tonne on the 9-wheel machine and from 0.48 to 1.35 metric tonne on the 11-wheel machine. The the water-tight ballast chamber is equipped with baffled compartments to prevent surge.

Pickup Prevention

Several features help prevent material from adhering to the tires. The water spray system includes a pump, triple filtration, and dedicated spray nozzles for each tire. Spring-applied, self-adusting scrapers help remove debris and prevent accumulation. Standard cocoa mats enhance water distribution over the entire wheel surface. Optional thermal aprons trap heat around the wheels and creates a warmer environment that helps prevent pickup.

Oscillating Front Wheels

Oscillating front wheels optimize compaction beneath each wheel and eliminates bridging over softer areas.

Exceptional Visibility and Comfort

Exceptional Visibility and Comfort

The standard operating station rotates up to 42º to the left and 35º to the right for ultimate comfort and control. The contoured water tank optimizes forward visibility. An optional sun canopy can be added for enhanced comfort in adverse conditions.

Simple Operation

An LCD provides a visual references of machine controls to keep the operator informed when making adjustments. The display can be customized to support multiple language options. The push-button controls make operation easy and enable operators to modify engine speed, travel speed, and water spray functions.

Smooth Operating Powertrain

Smooth Operating Powertrain

Smooth operating powertrain with hydrostatic propel control and smooth braking system. The two-speed propel system the delivers a maximum operating speed of 19 km/hr (12 mph) and offers good mobility and gradeability. A coasting feature helps ensure smooth speed transitions for quality results.

C3.4B Engine

The C3.4B engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emissions and provides 75 kW (100.5 hp) of power.

Automatic Speed Control

Automatic speed control enables operators to maintain consistent speeds for optimal performance.


Eco-mode modifies the engine speed to 1900 rpm for peak performance and lower fuel consumption. The reduced rpm also lowers sound levels for enhanced operator comfort.

Simple Service

Simple Service

Simple ground level service with easy-viewing sight gauges, convenient filter access, and color-coded electrical components.

Best Lifetime Value

Best Lifetime Value with efficient engine and durable rubber tires minimize life-time operating costs and maximize profit.

Lower Maintenance

The standard 500 hour oil service interval, extended life coolant, eco-mode, and bio-degradeable oil, lead to longer intervals between scheduled service requirements.