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There is almost nothing the Willmar Wrangler 4560 can’t do. From moving bulk material such as seed and fertilizer or pallet-loads of feed to lumber and plywood for construction projects, this little workhorse can do almost all of it. The Wrangler 4560 articulated loader has an operating capacity of 2,450 pounds and can be one of the most versatile and agile pieces of equipment you could own.

You can move virtually any dry fertilizer from the bin to hopper with one of four bucket capacity options available (20 to 45 cubic feet). You can also easily move mulch, rocks, sod, irrigation pipe and building materials.

Powered by an 82 horsepower Deutz diesel engine, the Wrangler 4560 provides you with the muscle necessary to move tough-to-handle loads. A 19 gpm auxiliary hydraulic reservoir system provides enough pressure and flow to power almost any attachment with conveniently located universal hydraulic remove quick couplers. These quick couplers allow you to easily switch attachments. Manipulate attachments from the conveniently located joystick (to the right of the steering wheel) with your right hand, while you steer the Wrangler with your left. A shuttle-shift, precise foot pedal allows you to control speed. The Wrangler features a heavy-duty, two-piece welded frame with a four-post ROPS. Also included is adjustable seat suspension, armrest and seat belt.

The Wrangler 4560 features an articulating design, making it easy to navigate through rough terrain. It oscillates up to 8 degrees to provide maximum wheel contact on uneven surfaces without the jerky movement associated with a traditional skid steer. This articulating loader also boasts a tight running radius of 11 feet and up to 40 degrees of articulation on both sides of the loader.

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Wrangler 4560
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  • Deutz Diesel Engine TD2011L04W, 82 hp @ 2600 rpm, Liquid-cooled, Certified EPA Non-road Tier III


  • Hydrostatic Rexroth Series 22, Variable displacement axial piston, 4.33 CIR, Full-time, 4-wheel drive, Travel pedal controls speed, Transmission control lever (F-N-R) controls direction

Wheel Motors

  • Eaton single speed, Fixed displacement axial piston

Power Hubs

  • Auburn, Planetary gear

Service Brake/Parking Brake

  • Hydrostatic braking/Multiple discs (spring-applied, hydraulic pressure-released) located on rear power hubs

Auxiliary Hydraulic System

  • 19 gpm @ 2500 psi @ 2600 rpm, Flat-faced hydraulic connectors, front-mounted


  • Articulated 40-degrees each way, Hydraulic orbit control valve

Speed (Forward & Reverse)

  • 0-10 mph

Cooling Package

  • Integral side-by-side system


  • Welded, heavy-duty, two-piece frame, oscillation 8 degrees each way/Formed structure steel with reinforcement

Fuel Tank Capacity

  • 16 gallons

Electrical Systems

  • 12 VDC, 55 Amp Alternator, Front - 2 halogen work lights, 2 amber flashers; Rear – 1 halogen , 2 amber flashes, 2 red clearance lights


  • OPS/FOPS (Rollover Protection Structure/Falling Object Protective Structure)
Adjustable Suspension with Armrests and seatbelt
Voltmeter, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, hour meter, fuel gauge
Enclosed Cab (Optional)
Heater, defroster, front wiper


  • 31 x 15.5 x 15, 8 pl R1, calcium chloride-filled, 30.5 x 12.5 x 16.5, 8-ply R4, calcium-filled (optional), 31 x 15.5 x 15, 8-ply R1, puncture-proof, urethane-filled

Dimensions & Weights

Overall Height with ROPS
94 in.
Overall Length with Bucket
General Purpose Bucket: 171.5 in.
All Light Material Buckets: 180.1 in.
Wheel Base
64.5 in.
Overall Operating Height
General Purpose Bucket: 149.7 in.
All Light Material Buckets: 161 in.
Height to Hinge Pin
126.5 in.
Dump Height
91 in.
Bucket Rollback, At Ground
General Purpose Bucket: 40 degrees
All Light Material Buckets: 50 degrees
Reach at Maximum Lift Height
General Purpose Bucket: 9.3 in.
All Light Material Buckets: 20.9 in.
Dump Angle, Fully Raised
General Purpose Bucket: 56 degrees or 60 degrees
All Light Material Buckets: 46 degrees or 50 degrees
Ground Clearance
10.4 in.
Tread Width
45 in. rims in; 55 in. rims out
Overall Width without Bucket
60 in. rims in; 70 in. rims out
Operating Weight
8160 lbs.


Tipping load straight (SAW Rated) with Bucket
5900 lbs
Tipping Load Straight (SAE Rated) with forks
3920 lbs
Operating Load Capacity with bucket
2420 lbs
Operating Load Capacity with forks
1575 lbs

Bucket Capacities, Overall Width

20 cu. ft. General Purpose
74 in.
30 cu. ft. Light Material
63 in.
36 cu. ft. Light Material
74 in.
45 cu. ft. Light Material
84 in.
Pallet Forks
42 in.